I'm Shawna and I'm trying to walk in the way of Jesus each day by grace.  I'm a wife, mom, pastor, writer, speaker and coffee addict.  I blog about faith, church, theology, parenthood and the beautiful mess of life enlivened by the Spirit.  I love watching God breathe new life into the holy words of Christian Scripture.  That's why I teach in a Bible study series called Breathe.  My B.A. in Philosophy and Theology is from Point Loma Nazarene University and my Master of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary.

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  • Conversations on social media have become toxic. Today's Christians do not seem to have the same table manners that our Lord modeled. We have despised our own people; why should we be surprised when they feel they have no where to turn but Caesar?  

    Jesus gave his table hosts more than statements. He gave them his presence, his friendship, his concern for their hardship and his mercy for the mistakes. Jesus joined the toxic tables and turned them over to become the platform for his kingdom announcement.
  • Feb10Wed


    February 10, 2016
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    Church, Politics, Faith, Parenthood, Social Justice
    In less than a year, my son, my first born, my baby, will be given over to the public school system. He already has a number. It’s a 10-digit code by which he is distinguished from all the other children in the Nashville public school system. This number reveals his age, place of birth, color of skin, home address, which schools he is and is not zoned for, what options are opened to him and what are closed. As the years go on it will probably reveal what scores he has received in which classes, how much time he spent in detention, which months he earned honor roll and so on.

    In order to get this number I sat in a long hallway with dirty pale blue tile lit by flickering fluorescent bulbs and waited for the woman behind the desk to take my papers. Two other mothers waited with me. The first was black and the second was white.
  • Nov26Wed

    The Only Voice I Have

    November 26, 2014
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    Church, Politics, Faith, Theology, Social Justice, Worship, Preaching
    As a white evangelical, it is hard to know what to do and say at a time like this. Even the call to listen is racked with one big problem: my ears are white. Even in my listening I know I'm not hearing what my black brothers and sisters are really saying.
  • Nov3Mon

    Kings and Kingdoms

    November 3, 2014
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    Politics, Faith, Theology, Philosophy
    In light of the election tomorrow, I wanted to share an excerpt from the introduction of our upcoming book, Kings and Kingdoms: Political Life and Christian Engagement. For those who don't feel faith and politics fit neatly into columns and categories.